hole’s Den is a boutique, eco-friendly and luxurious safari homestay located close to Bandipur national park.
Visitors looking for hotels, resorts, jungle lodges and accommodation in and around Bandipur are welcome to stay in our Eco safari Lodge and Safari­Homestay on the edge of Bandipur National Park and see why we are different.
The name Dhole’s Den is derived from the Dhole, the Asiatic wild dog (Cuonalpinus). Dhole’s Den Bandipur is the residence of Karthik Davey and his family who are ardent dog lovers and share a passion for the outdoors.

Jungle lodges have been named after the tiger, elephant or leopard and there are many resorts you will find in Bandipur. Dhole’s Den is dedicated to all that is dog and to start with the Asiatic Wild Dog, who we feel is one of the most fascinating hunters in the Indian jungle with a complex and unique social hierarchy.

At Dhole’s Den it is our endeavour to emphasize the importance and the beauty of this animal which wrongly stands in the shadow of bigger animals like the tiger, leopard or elephant and win support for the conservation of the jungle in Bandipur with the dhole as its mascot.

Dhole’s Den is derived from the Dhole

The name Dhole’s Den is derived from the Dhole, the Asiatic wild dog (Cuonalpinus)

What can you do at the Dhole’s Den?



Camp means learning with a smile, we build character, values and vital life skills through participation.

Bird Safari & Nature Walk

The berry tree has a large square around it and is aptly named ‘Nirvana Square’ and offers a place for meditation and yoga practice.

Machan & Hut at Dhole's Den

We have a Machaan. Made out of Bamboo that is about 30 years old is the best example of recycling.

The Perch, Ekant & Nirvana Square

Many of you are avid bird watchers and have wished a hide or a suitable spot to follow your passion. Well now we have something that will excite not just the bird watchers but the young and the not so old alike.