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Black Drongo is an all-black bird. Adult has glossy blue-black or green-black plumage, with semi-translucent primaries visible in flight. Tail is long and deeply forked, and curves out at the end of outer tail feathers. Head is black, with only very small white patch at bill’s commissures. Bill is black. Eyes are reddish. Legs and feet are dark grey. 

Black Drongo is common in open areas, savannahs and countries. It lives in open forests, habitation, farmlands and slightly wooded habitats, near water. It may be found from sea level to 2000 metres of elevation.

Black Drongo feeds on insects which it catches performing aerial sallies to pursue prey with bee-eater-like glides, and heavy flycatching actions. It hunts from a perch where it sits very upright because it has short legs. 
It may catch insects on the ground, and can also capture some reptiles or nestlings. Then, it returns to the perch, in order to tear the prey before to swallow it. It also perches on the back of cattle for insects disturbed by animals.

Black Drongo feeds mainly on insects such as ants and termites, locusts and crickets, beetles, bees, moths and butterflies. It also consumes small reptiles, birds and bats. Black Drongo feeds on flower nectar too, playing an important role in plant pollination.