Guest Comments by Ms. Sreeja S.

This is what keeps us going. A testimonial by one of our guests. A bit late after the stay but right in time for 2014 and aim higher…

Thanks Sreeja


After a whole year of mind-numbing busy city life and absolutely no breaks in between I was really wound up to the limits. Every other person was going away on holidays and coming back with loads to talk about. Then came along a long weekend in November…I decided to pack my bags and go for a short trip to get some peace and quiet.  There is no place that can offer peace and quiet like Bandipur.

In no time I was on my way to Bandipur, as thoughts of seeing the elusive leopard ate into my brains, I tried to stay focused on getting there at the earliest. The bus left Gundlupet limits in no time. Then and there I started taking deep breaths for I believed that by taking deeper breaths I will be able to take some of heaven into my body and soul. The sky was bluer and the grass greener and I just couldn’t contain myself. I no more worried about sighting a leopard or a tiger, all I wanted was to enjoy the peace I was looking for.

When wildlife and nature are a part of your holiday, the one thing you dislike is how urban the forest fringes are getting, but you just can’t help it. In Bandipur, there is a way you can give your mind a guilt-free trip. The answer is Dhole’s Den. Why? Read on….

Dhole’s Den is located in the fringes of the Bandipur National Park, very close to the Mangala Village. Being on the fringes of the National Park only increases your chances of spotting or hearing wild animals from the safety of your stay. I did hear a leopard growl on 2 nights of my stay in Dhole’s Den.  Natural light, space and warmth are the only things you feel when you stay here. The natural light flooding in to your room is amazing! Smartphone users beware, you will never be able look at your phone the light here is so efficient. Who needs the phone anyway?! The property is also the home of Mr. Karthik Davey’s family including 4 Chippiparai dogs (Simba, Jabu, Shaka and Zulu) If you are a dog lover, you are going to be able to lie on the hammock and just watch these adorable darlings run around the place.

Every room in Dhole’s Den has a balcony, especially if it’s the bungalow which you have booked, make sure you stay up late and watch the stars or wake up to sun bathe in the morning from your private balcony. Or just lie in bed and soak in the beauty and majesty of the Nilgiri range. Most of the rooms in Dhole’s Den have a painting on the wall; it will sure capture your attention. You will look at it and the urge to paint will rise in you. These paintings are the art work of Mrs. Davey, do take a look at the Hornbill painting near the camp area. The bathroom has an open-to-the-sky shower, with the clear skies and whistling birds for company you will have the best bath ever.

The delectable food in Dhole’s Den cannot be confined to words, it’s a gastronomical experience. The desserts are to die for and so is the dining area. There is something about the staff here; they do not know how to say NO. They never say no, they are courteous, hospitable and take their guests very seriously. You might also be surprised to know most of the staff here are hired locally from nearby villages and have been trained. Hence the beautiful mix of warmth and love with hospitality that you receive.

Dhole’s Den takes eco-tourism very earnestly and the resort runs in a way not to waste anything and to maximize whatever is taken from nature. Most of their electricity is generated via wind and solar energy, their kitchen waste is converted to bio-gas, the rainwater is harvested and used in the resort and the waste water is treated for re-use in the garden! You can have a guilt-free nature / wildlife holiday here at Dhole’s Den, just as I did.

And after all this, if you still want to venture out, their nature walks are eye-openers. With well-qualified naturalists on-board you are sure to notice everything from ants to the pug-marks. You could also choose to go on a govt-organised wildlife safari as well while you are here.

This is my experience so far, if you need the nitty-gritty details, you can get it here: