“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”


Thats what The Mahatma had to say on treatment to animals. Those you have visited Ban dipur know the large herds of cattle that go round and round in search of fodder.

And as if it were a sighn of things to come in our lives. On Jan 30th the very day of the Mahatma’s martyrdom we heard a sambhar call not far from Dhole’s Den. We got into the vehicle to find the sambhar at the waterhole but the leopards whom we thought were the reason of all the commotion were gone. Suddenly we did see some eyes on the road but also a moment later realised the long ears.

We had found a calf on the middle of the road left by its master and we instantly decided to carry him with us after making a couple of calls to the village. Aparrently the calf had been attacked by a young leopard but had no signs of grave injury or bleeding. Taking him on our jeep we arrived back at Dhole’s Den and then the episode with Bear and Berries occured.

Yesterday we organised a vet to come down and see the calf. Its stomach was bloaded due to injury and shock and was given life saving fluids and did open its eyes.

This morning after another hot water fomentation having been given and some help the calf has managed to get up to my our wonder and joy ofcourse.


I am so glad my staff shares the love and compassion that we humans should have if we were to call ourselves civilised and great.

To be continued with all our hopes for a speedy recovery of the calf…

Wild Regards