Dear Friends,

2013 brings with it a new development for us. Dhole’s Den who has been our main Sponsor and provides all Support  has come up with a new idea and we are very excited about it.

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How about pitching your own tent at the premises in Dhole’s Den? A Chance to stay out in the open and have a puristic experience. Guests of this facility can either bring in their own tents or use the ones provided by us. Basic facilities like toilets and a open shower are already there at Dhole’s Den and can be utilised by you.

A large Portion of the proceeds will go straight into the Dhole’s Den Research foundation and yes you will be able to enjoy the Food and facilities at Dhole’s Den.

All you pay is INR 3000 per Person. And a full 50% of it goes into the Dhole’s Den Research Foundation. This money goes in supporting our local school with books, compass boxes, excursions for children and other help that Dhole’s Den Foundation has been extending on a regular basis. The idea is to fund as our name suggests research on the flora and fauna of Bandipur in specific.

How about showing your true colour ? Do you tick green and socially responsible? Then call Dhole’s Den and get more Information.

Here are a few images that show the camping experience. We couldnt yet manage to photograph the 1000 star accomodation on a star lit night. But you are welcome to do so. Oh yes you have to love the hounds too… :-)

Best Wishes

Karthik Davey & Sukanta Das