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Coppersmith Barbet

Coppersmith Barbet is a plump bird. It has large head, and short neck and tail.
Adult has green upperparts. Underparts are mainly whitish, heavily streaked with green. Tail is short and triangular in flight.Large head is very colourful. Forehead is red. Crown and nape are green. It has yellow patches above and below the eye. Chin and throat are yellow. Both sexes are similar, but female has duller red colours on head and breast. Juvenile has duller plumage and lacks red patches.

Coppersmith Barbet is common in deciduous forests and open woodlands, countries with thickets, urban parks and gardens with fruiting trees. It is also found in mangroves’ edges. 

Coppersmith Barbet forages alone or in pair in tree canopy and on fruiting trees. It also taps and removes bark chips to reach invertebrates concealed between trunk and bark. It also forages on the underpart of leaves, at tip of small branches. It can catch insects on the wing, snatching them during heavy flight.

Coppersmith Barbet feeds mainly on wide variety of fruits such as figs, berries and mangoes, but it also consumes insects such as beetles, mantis and crickets.