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Green Bee-eater

Green Bee-eater is the smallest species. It is mostly bronze-green, with golden-green crown and nape, black eye line, pale bluish-green cheeks, chin and throat, and narrow black half-collar between throat and breast.  
Wings show black trailing edges.
Outer undertail feathers are shiny grey, and median rectrices are long and purplish. Streamers may reach up to 7 cm in male. 
Black bill is long and down-curved. Eyes are deep red. Legs and feet are blackish.

Green Bee-eater frequents wooded areas with scattered trees and bushes, near streams and shores. It is also found in arid areas with Acacia and date palms, dunes, close to cultivated areas and large gardens. It likes sandy and bare soils. This species can be seen from sea-level up to 2000 metres of elevation.

Green Bee-eater is usually less gregarious than other bee-eaters. It often nests alone or in small groups. They sleep in flocks at roosts, perched high in trees.

Green Bee-eater feeds on Hymenoptera, bugs, termites, beetles, moths and a lot of flies. It also consumes some butterflies, crickets, dragonflies, spiders and caterpillars.