Lilies at Dhole’s Den, Photo by Karthik Davey, Lilies Courtesy Sukanta Das 🙂

On 23rd December our beloved Zulu turned 5. It was a special moment for all of us and one reason is that it was exactly 5 years before we had over first overnight stay at Dhole’s Den in the only room that was ready then. It was much before the opening in March 2009…Also it was 5 years since we had decided to have a dog and had looked at Zulu’s photograph from the place she was born.

That Shaka our alphamale came in earlier is another story that I can share with you on your stay at Dhole’s Den.

Many of whom who know me personally, do know that the word Zulu slips now and then from my lips while I work, play or walk. Be it I am in India, at a tradefair in Europe or my office in Chennai or for that matter any place on earth. Zulu to me personifies that free spirit that is so much the inspiration for Dhole’s Den. She personifies the love that I feel in my heart, a love that exists as a state of being and not just a temporary feeling that rises only to drown again. Zulu represents my pack of whom I am a part of and lucky to roam with then on our property in Bandipur.

If not for Zulu and the man she managed to make out of this wanderer I was and I still am in certain aspects, I wouldnt have found my roots, my balance and a purpose and calling in my life and a place to call home and still be on the search.

Some may find the above words strange, but I read a couple of lines which I wish to share with you on the last day of this year:

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

We leave you with some images of the celebration and wish you a very happy and succesful 2014!  May the love of an animal touch you…

Best Wishes

Karthik Davey