Dear Friends,

running a boutique homestay and living there in the jungle where tigers roam, tourists flock to see  the fauna that Bandipur has to show and our guests enjoy the myriad hues of the Nilgiris lets your mind go an a brainstorming spree more often. You live in a space that isn’t close to anything, there isn’t the supermarket round the corner and improvisation is what you live on. And there are a multitude of things that you do on a daily basis. Puchase veggies and other stuff that you need to run the place for guests. Well we have and depending on the season and the mercy of the raingods been able to suffice needs of the kitchen and are always wondering how much produce one can get out of the land around the lodge. But there will always be required a visit to town to get certain things that a guest at Dhole’s Den would expect. To meet the needs and demand we drive to town.

Now that brings us to the reason behind this post. What are we left with after guests check out?  Well ofcourse the satisfied look on their faces leaves many a happy memory in our hearts but yes the fact we drive to town with garbage. Yes there are many ways to reduce and cut the amount of garbage, like say using a RO plant reduces plastic, using paper bags, using soap dispensers and recyclable items can be sold to the local garbage dealer etc etc. Even then there are certian things left in the room and these are collected on a daily basis packed and driven to the nearby city where we sadly dont have a garbage disposal system.

You can help us.

There is some information placed in every room as to how you can make your stay green and what we do already. If you read that carefully there is a line that says:

You are free to take your garbage back with you!  Cities tend to have better posibilities of garbage disposal and many guests are travelling back to their respective homes. This reduces our drives with garbage and leaves just your footprints behind in nature…

So the guest who walks with us that extra mile will not just be recognised as a responsible guest but will be rewarded on the spot. Be it a wildlife calendar or a handmade coaster, it will be something to remember…For you and us too 🙂

All you have to do is tell my colleage and show him that you are taking the garbage bag from your room. And yes we are allowing comments on the above so write on…

Wild Regards,

Karthik Davey