Friends of Dhole’s Den,

not that we want to join the likes of Salman Khan and all the other jing bang celebrating Maha Shivratri in limelight or shall we say to hog it in some way or the other. We had our humble celebration at Dhole’s Den.

The reason for the festivity was the sensational find of the 5 Shiva Lingams a couple of days ago while my staff while doing some garden work. Add to it the presence of Sarathy our rescued young bull. These are too many things for which we dont have an explanation as to why these were now found after so many years. I take it s a sign for us and all who live there with us.

Those of you who have already stayed or visited Dhole’s Den have noticed the votive stones that were found on Dhole’s Den some 7 years ago by me.  I would date them esily about 300 years and will be glad for a exact dating whenever possible.

Now just enjoy the pics and ofcourse our most loved ones were also there and were part of the celebrations as usual.

Wild Regards