After the initial success with the first calf (lovingly called Sarathy by my staff…), we were given another young bull and told that his mother was no more and he was very weak.

We took him in and made him comfortable as we could. But sadly yesterday he developed fits and couldnt stand up. We took him to the vet and he treated him whith what all he had, but sadly and to cut a heartbreaking story short,  he didnt survive the crucial 24 hours and left us.

I could see the ladies Rajeshwariamma and Ratnamma who are resposible for housekeeping in Dhole’s Den sit by him as he breathed his last.

Sadly his time was short but I am hopeful I will see him and all animals that ever be with me on the rainbow bridge where there will be green grass and water in plenty and where all animal lovers are united with their pets to be happy forever…

Wild Regards