Past two weeks have been quite busy and uneasy following the death of 50+ cattle around Bandipur due to some unknown cause (yet), and 14+ Pond terrapins near the resort in a Waterhole probably due to Cold shock by Hailstorm on 12th April 2012. Our dear friend Mr. Rajkumar D. from the Wildlife Conservation Foundation had been very active in the whole process of finding the cause and prevention of further cattle-death in Bandipur.

While all these incidents kept us inclined on the Wildlife side, our Mangala School teacher, Ms Anthony gave a shocking news that at least 30 young students from two tribal colonies have discontinued to attend school. We immediately helped her with a vehicle to rush to these colonies to find the exact cause of this discontinuation.

The youngsters from Kaniyanapura Colony seemed to remember us from our first Consignment of Trash cleaning in Temple area and came running to greet us. They not only gave a list of their discontinued friends but literaly presented the team in front of us. The same team was brought back to the school, given books, a short and friendly lesson, the mid-day meal and dropped back to their colony hoping to see them the next day.
But the scene in the other colony, Bargurhundi, was different. Here, the number of discontinued students were at large and they fled immediately after seing the vehicle as if we had gone to capture them and put them in jail.

To our amazement, their parents were not bothered towards sending the wards back to school giving excuses of the school being far and that the road wasn’t good which made their children walk more before getting to the bus stop.

So, we have our second consignment. We are in process of finding a solution to make sure that these children reach the school safely everyday and get their right to education in time.
Any suggesstions are welcome from our well-wishers and friends…