After a big, heated and long discussion with the local management of JLR there is a ray of hope that the Saambar can turn into a good dessert to relish if the staff at Jungle Lodges Bandipur stick to principles and treat us as equals and not competitors, which people who were lucky enough to experience at Dhole’s Den know already :))… that we arent…

All we ask is better treatment and a better understanding of the needs of all visitors.

Lets wake up to the fact that the chakkas images and all predators on 1 day and I got all the pics on my 3 safaris during my 1 night stay is not conservation of our wildlife. Its time to know that we at Dhole’s Den call many photographers of that kind plainly Facebook photographers who cant identify a bird that he or she photographed and need Facebook for that. A good birdbook and some sensible time spent not driving on safari roads but listening to he birds can do just that.

At times I feel when I sit in a vehicle full of these Facebook photographers  who calls himself one by the virtue of sporting a lens that is in an unhealthy competition with his or her ego that they are sadly unaware that they are modern day hunters and just as one of our guests Mr. Brian put it today:

Were the camera a gun then the forest would be empty…each day…

Wild Regards