Friends of Bandipur,

we have been reading various comments regarding the INR 500 Fee imposed by Jungle Lodges on SLR and professional cameras and as a responsible operator in the park we wish to lay down our view to the same and how the fee can be put to use. To make it short am giving the same hereunder:

1. The Camera fee should be applicable to SLR from 300 mm onwards, reason being that all new cameras are almost SLR’s and the fee should be collected by the Forest Department itself. Just like how its collected for Video. The Video photography need not be charged as for amateur videos as many have them and are shooting video clips. Again professional ones can and should be charged.

I know many may say its too much to pay but lets call a spade a spade and note that many of the photographers are using the same commercially (Not to forget the Facebook Photographers :)… ). If you make money from it, pay. Period. The same law is applied at all monuments in India.

Not just Charity begin at home, even Conservation does and Conservation , you will agree costs and doesnt come for free.