The ban on tourism in tiger reserves has been lifted. We welcome it and caution that we dont slip back into the same photoclicking mode and reduce the national animal and all the others to a pound of flesh that likes to be clicked.  It was disgusting and reduced many a photographer to someone who shoots porn and not art. The tiger never missed you. Only you will…miss him. We welcome ideas on responsible safaris and no herding and safaris  for persons who are paying towards conservation by staying in facilities that are around the park and equal status for all. Democrats we must be first but also responsible travellers.   I may sound utopic but I am sure we have examples to emulate so we all enjoy the forest and dont reduce it once to a page on the net…The safaris should be booked first come basis and the idea shouldn t be to fill in all the seats.

Didnt all of us people who have hearts cry and said Guantanamo should go. If asking prisioners to be under constant light or music (heaven knows what happens as such places…) is bad enough why should the animals be put under a barrage of visitors so that the revenue limit is met.  I am of the view on a lean day only the required number of guests should go in. Anymore swooping down from somewhere is a jugglery of numbers and reduces the ban we had to a farce with no lesson being learnt.

Wild Regards