Dear Friends,

Dhole’s Den has from its inception as an idea has been always a home to new thoughts, ideas, views and sparks. It was our wish to give the work that we do for the community and the areas we are in, a name a form and a purpose and of course a future.

Thus The Dhole’s Den Research Foundation has been found. Now many of you would ask why another one when there are already so many in the scene. But we hope to make a difference in our field in our own way.

The foundation as its name suggests is born out of a sheer love for the Dholes and animals in general and to facilitate research in knowing them better as knowledge has no end. This knowledge and the information that we can get from the result of the research should allow us to understand the world of the wild so that we don’t do more harm. The foundation sees its work also in working with the new generation. Awareness is already there but implementation and practice is the need of the hour.

We had our first program with the Mangala School and it was to collect plastic and glass bottles from the Huliamma Temple, a small temple on the edge of Bandipur National Park. The temple gets regular visitors once a week every Tuesday and we were glad that our visit coincided with that. In full sight of the temple visitors the boys and girls who were divided into groups by Sukanta and given bags to segregate plastic, glass and paper.

It was interesting to see that a parent approached my colleague Sukanta and requested the children not collect the glass bottles. Apparently these glass bottles are left behind by people who misuse the place to have a dose of alcohol and pollute the temple that is the forest as another friend Mr. Rajkumar refers it to when he talks about forests.

The whole visit was accompanied by the various school teachers from even the primary schools in the Bandipur area. It was more than heartening to see the children cry out in gusto: Ban plastics from the forest whilst the visitors were busy cooking around the temple.

Finally one of them did approach us offering his help to burn the garbage, which we refused explaining to him that even that is harmful to nature and we were carrying the garbage all the way to Gundlupet, far away from the park.

We at Dhole’s Den will be very actively involved in the activities organized by the foundation and are excited about the work that we will be involved in. Click on to see the first of our initiatives organised by the foundation and feel free to come to us with ideas…