Friends of Dhole’s Den,

That we were having hairy visitors and a dull shot of the ‘black thing’ was already here a week ago. There are 2 sloth bears coming daily to  feast on our berries. The reason they choose to walk down from the neignbouring hills is simple: No disturbance from noise of a generator or light. They feel secure to come walk through to their dinner that mother nature lays out for them and our water tank provides the drink after that.

This picture has been taken at 9 pm, the same time at which we and our guests were having dinner yesterday. Harmony is what we strive for and enjoy the togetherness with nature and all its beings. A big task but worth trying wont you agree?

We got this image without the help of jeep lights and not even sleepless nights all for that one picture to show on Facebook!

But with a good old camera trap.

Wild Regards