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Woolly-necked Stork

The Woolly-necked Stork is an elegant bird found in Sub-Saharan Africa, India and SE Asia.

The adult has glossy black plumage with blue, green and purple iridescences. Wings and tail are black too. The woolly neck, belly and undertail-coverts are white, as lower back and rump. The forked black tail is concealed by the long white undertail-coverts, appearing white seen from below.

The Woolly-necked Stork is usually found near or in a large variety of wetlands such as rivers, marshes, lakes, ricefields, flood plains and pastures, swamp forest… 
In India, it prefers waterlogged ground.
In E Africa, it is found in coastal areas, on mudflats and coral reefs, but also in savanna, grassland and cultivated areas. 

The Woolly-necked Stork feeds on fish, amphibians, snakes and lizards, crabs, molluscs and marine invertebrates. It is attracted to grass fires where it catches large quantities of grasshoppers and locusts.

This species is usually seen alone, walking about slowly on the ground and along water. It picks up the preys with the long bill. It is also attracted to termite emergences.

The Woolly-necked Stork feeds on marine invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, crustaceans, molluscs and large insects, caught at bush fires and while walking slowly on the ground.