Dhole’s Den is a boutique, eco-friendly and luxurious Safari Homestay under the Athithi Scheme and recognised by the Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka since 2009… in Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

Toll Free: 1 800 30 90 570

What We Offer


Large, spacious rooms and villas with ample natural light and ventilation help reduce energy consumption.

Luxury redefined

No air-conditioning, no television. But that is exactly what leaves you with the luxury of quality time, to expand your horizons.

Farm fresh produce

The connect with the natural world continues with the theme of organic farm fruits and vegetables as healthy food on the table.

Celebrating nature

Guest activities include a campfire, native games, organic farm visit, tribal village interaction, tea drive, nature walk and jungle safari.

Why choose Dhole’s Den over others?

  • Boutique Home Stay with just 5 accommodation units and accommodating between 10 and 15 persons when full.
  • 4 of our units have no common walls to other guest rooms offering a social distancing by default.
  • We take utmost care of your safety and security and sanitize and maintain as per industry norms.
  • High Speed Internet to work from HERE.
  • Activities like nature walk and birdwatching and many more are offered free of cost to get to know Bandipur better and enjoy an active holiday.


As part of our Dhole’s Den Resort commitment to responsible tourism practices, we are Wildlife Lodge member of the Travel Operators for Tigers campaign (TOFTigers).TOFTigers is a global travel industry initiative which aims to advocate, catalyse and support a more responsible and sustainable approach to wildlife tourism in India and Nepal’s Tiger Reserves. Its objective is to support specific conservation and local community projects which benefit the local villagers and the wildlife within the parks you visit as part of your stay with us.

As part of this campaign we have been environmentally ranked through a process called the PUG audit, and ranked as an Outstanding Practice Certification provider, in our operational practices, the highest PUG ranking.This allow visitors to rest assured that your visit to Dhole’s in Bandipur Tiger Reserve is enjoyed in a lodge that makes sustainable development, environmental and socio-cultural issues our prime priority, and endeavour to be both environmentally innovative and socially responsible. The ranking illustrates that we have made a positive impact on the environment, on support for our local community, and on the experiences of our clients. The PUG audit team recognizes that we are continuously working to better our operations and enhance our sustainability, with our management being knowledgeable about key issues. Finally we work hard to maintain our status as exemplary industry leaders, so that others can learn from us. For further details on this certification please view this website : www.toftigers.org



Come, fall in love with a eco-friendly and luxurious safari homestay

  • Pluck, Cook and Eat
  • Tea Drive
  • Native Games, Fishing, Archery & Co.
  • Property Walk and Camp Fire
  • Natural Walk and Bird Safari
  • Tribal Village Interaction



We are a homestay with dogs but not a pet friendly homestay. our six indian hounds aren’t friendly with their canine cousins. do keep in mind before you book with us

  • The hounds have their time out each morning and evening and their designated space
  • Some move around freely and unless bothered, keep to themselves, are inquisitive, come and sniff the in-house guests and visitors. 
  • We understand very well that some of our guests may be scared by their sheer size and respect their ‘fear’ for dogs and are therefore careful whenever there is a possible interaction
  • We hope that our guests will understand the above when they decide to book Dhole’s Den.