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Coronavirus Update

After a Long Lockdown we re-opened on 20th June 2020. But the district administration has ordered all hotels and homestays to close once again till further notice. This is amidst the latest reports of rising COVID-19 cases in our district. We will inform you when we are open to welcome you again.

Welcome to Dhole's Den !!

Dhole’s Den is a boutique, eco-friendly and luxurious safari homestay located close to Bandipur national park. Visitors looking for hotels, resorts, jungle lodges and accommodation in and around Bandipur are welcome to stay in our Eco safari Lodge and Safari Homestay on the edge of Bandipur National Park and see why we are different. The name Dhole’s Den is derived from the Dhole, the Asiatic wild dog (Cuon alpinus). Dhole’s Den Bandipur is the residence of Karthik Davey and his family who are ardent dog lovers and share a passion for the outdoors.

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Due to the risk involved to our young visitors in the present we are unable to accomodate children under 10 years at Dhole's Den and on the safari activities. Thank you for your understanding.

Why choose Dhole's Den ?

Jungle lodges have been named after the tiger, elephant or leopard and there are many resorts you will find in Bandipur. Dhole’s Den is dedicated to all that is dog and to start with the Asiatic Wild Dog, who we feel is one of the most fascinating hunters in the Indian jungle with a complex and unique social hierarchy. At Dhole’s Den it is our endeavour to emphasize the importance and the beauty of this animal which wrongly stands in the shadow of bigger animals like the tiger, leopard or elephant and win support for the conservation of the jungle in Bandipur with the dhole as its mascot.

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Our lodge is in the vicinity of small villages bordering the Bandipur National Park. Nevertheless the wild animals of the park are close enough to be even heard. Be it the sloth bear with its cubs at night or elephants and wild boar, the roar of the tiger or the growl of a leopard, none are ever too far away.

Eco-friendly by design

Large, spacious rooms and villas with ample natural light and ventilation help reduce energy consumption.

Luxury redefined

No swimming pool, no air-conditioning, no television. But that is exactly what leaves you with the luxury of quality time, to expand your horizons.

Farm fresh produce

The connect with the natural world continues with the theme of organic farm fruits and vegetables as healthy food on the table.

Celebrating nature

Guest activities include a campfire, native games, organic farm visit, tribal village interaction, tea drive, nature walk and jungle safari.


Family Package in Garden Mansion

Extra adults pay just Rs 2000 and extra children just Rs. 1000

Get to know more about what our in-house naturalist has to say and capture during his nature walks and bird watching !!

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