Dhole’s Den is a place for dog lovers. It’s a place dedicated to dogs: the wild dogs and the not so wild ones… At Dhole’s Den We have taken up the task of spreading awareness about the Indian dogs. Did you know that there are indigenous hound varieties?


Dhole’s Den thus became the home of a male Kanni and female Chippiparai. These are south indian sight hounds resembling the Saluki and the Sloughi from arabian countries and were mainly used for hunting. The male Kanni named Shaka and the female Chippiparai named Zulu called Dhole’s Den home.They are a treat to watch as they play on the campus. Watch them and their kids Jabu and Simba as they have outgrown their parents in size!!!


You are greeted by the signboard: The Land of Shaka & Zulu. Many of you ask about them. Zulu is elusive and you will have to make an effort to be even an object of interest for her.

Shaka has left for a better world in the meanwhile and we miss him. You may but ask us about him and we will gladly share how he lived. His resting place is on the grounds and you will see it when you take a property walk.

We do get asked if we have accommodation if you travel with your dogs. Sadly not, as our 3 hounds are quite a handful.

our hounds