About Dhole’s Den

Our mission is to offer visitors  Bandipur National Park not just to as wilderness but the landscape thats worth every effort to preserve…

Dhole’s Den is the residence of Karthik and Ingrid Davey who are ardent dog lovers, sharing a passion for nature, wildlife and the outdoors. A registered homestay since 2009, under the Government of Karnataka’s ‘Athithi’ scheme, the place is dedicated to all that is dog, being home to a family of Chippiparai hounds. In fact, even the name ‘Dhole’s Den’ is derived from the Dhole, the Asiatic wild dog – Cuon Alpinus, an endangered species, also found in Bandipur.

Jungle lodges have been named after the tiger, elephant or leopard and there are many resorts you will find in Bandipur. Dhole’s Den is dedicated to all that is dog and to start with the Asiatic Wild Dog, who we feel is one of the most fascinating hunters in the Indian jungle with a complex and unique social hierarchy. At Dhole’s Den it is our endeavour to emphasize the importance and the beauty of this animal which wrongly stands in the shadow of bigger animals like the tiger, leopard or elephant and win support for the conservation of the jungle in Bandipur with the dhole as its mascot.


The setting is informal at this NON-HOTEL. A Home Stay makes many things possible, keeping your privacy and special requests in mind… You need to ask!


Our staff comes from varied walks of life and the country. They are at the heart of the experience. The smile that they wear is genuine…