Dhole’s Den is the residence of Karthik and Ingrid Davey who are ardent dog lovers, sharing a passion for nature, wildlife and the outdoors. A registered homestay since 2009, under the Government of Karnataka’s ‘Athithi’ scheme, the place is dedicated to all that is dog, being home to a family of Chippiparai hounds. In fact, even the name ‘Dhole’s Den’ is derived from the Dhole, the Asiatic wild dog – Cuon Alpinus, an endangered species, also found in Bandipur.

Jungle lodges have been named after the tiger, elephant or leopard and there are many resorts you will find in Bandipur. Dhole’s Den is dedicated to all that is dog and to start with the Asiatic Wild Dog, who we feel is one of the most fascinating hunters in the Indian jungle with a complex and unique social hierarchy. At Dhole’s Den it is our endeavour to emphasize the importance and the beauty of this animal which wrongly stands in the shadow of bigger animals like the tiger, leopard or elephant and win support for the conservation of the jungle in Bandipur with the dhole as its mascot.


Our Mission

Our mission is to offer visitors  Bandipur National Park not just to as wilderness but the landscape thats worth every effort to preserve…

Our Team

Our staff comes from varied walks of life and the country. They are at the heart of the experience. The smile that they wear is genuine…


The setting is informal at this NON-HOTEL. A Home Stay makes many things possible, keeping your privacy and special requests in mind… You need to ask!

We believe that Eco-consciousness begins with doing away of modern luxury which means there are no air conditioners, televisions, telephones, tea and coffee makers or for that matter refrigerators in the rooms. To start with most of the electricity is generated by a wind turbine and solar cells. The switches are clearly marked allowing you to use renewable energy to the maximum. The kitchen waste is turned into bio gas in our bio gas digester. We use an age old method which was used even in the Indus valley civilization until recently rediscovered. The waste water is treated in reed beds so that the resulting waste water is odourless and can be used for farming in our own vegetable garden which inturn supplies our kitchen with organically grown products. We harvest rain water on 90% of the built up area and even have a pond to collect rain water during the monsoon and provide the earth with softwater and use it to recharge our borewell. We always ask ourselves one question: How small can our and your carbon footprint be?

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Why not let the child in you come out and play? How about getting your hands dirty by being someone else for a day? And relive it all by creating a delectable story over a slow fire. At Dhole’s Den, Bandipur, we ensure you’ll have enough activities to fill the time on your hands. Every day comes with exciting possibilities. And every moment has the potential to be memorable. Come discover the many ways in which your stay here will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

As part of our Dhole’s Den Resort commitment to responsible tourism practices, we are Wildlife Lodge member of the Travel Operators for Tigers campaign (TOFTigers).TOFTigers is a global travel industry initiative which aims to advocate, catalyse and support a more responsible and sustainable approach to wildlife tourism in India and Nepal’s Tiger Reserves. Its objective is to support specific conservation and local community projects which benefit the local villagers and the wildlife within the parks you visit as part of your stay with us.

As part of this campaign we have been environmentally ranked through a process called the PUG audit, and ranked as an Outstanding Practice Certification provider, in our operational practices, the highest PUG ranking. This allow visitors to rest assured that your visit to Dhole’s Den Resort in Bandipur Tiger Reserve is enjoyed in a lodge that makes sustainable development, environmental and socio-cultural issues our prime priority, and endeavor to be both environmentally innovative and socially responsible. The ranking illustrates that we have made a positive impact on the environment, on support for our local community, and on the experiences of our clients. The PUG audit team recognizes that we are continuously working to better our operations and enhance our sustainability, with our management being knowledgeable about key issues. Finally we work hard to maintain our status as exemplary industry leaders, so that others can learn from us. For further details on this certification please view this website : www.toftigers.org