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Dhole’s Den Bandipur is the residence of Karthik and Ingrid Davey who are ardent dog lovers and share a passion for the outdoors. It is a registered homestay under the ‘Athithi’ scheme from the Govt. of Karnataka since 2009.

Ingrid is a banker by Profession while Karthik is a tour Operator organising private tours for Europeans into India. It’s the dream to work from almost anywhere on earth that gave birth to the idea of Dhole’s Den. Ingrid loves to paint what she sees or photographs. There are many paintings of her adorning the walls of all the rooms in the lodge. The items made out of fabric, hand painted tea coasters and other works are on sale at the homestead.

Karthik enjoys travel, photography, wine and cheese and movies. But his greatest love are his hounds who occupy prime place in his day. He loves to spend the maximum time in Bandipur and is ready with answers and advice from things as diverse as travel planning to questions about indian culture. Having lived in  Europe for over 15 years he actually sees things from both sides and is happy to have conversation with you in different languages including german.

At Dhole’s Den which lies on a farm named ‘Uhuru’ meaning freedom in Swaheli the idea is to get rid of the city baggage and discover things that one hasnt ever thought of. Like trying out your new camera and take pictures of birds, make some fresh cheese, pluck vegetables from our garden and cook for your loved ones travelling with you.

Leave the television, the games and the fights in them far behind and find time to read a book or hold hands at the camp fire, sing a song for your child, paint or be a farmer for a day or meditate. Get to know our Chippiparai hounds and their character and specialities.

Dhole’s Den is dedicated to all that is dog and to start with the Asiatic Wild Dog, who we feel is one of the most fascinating hunters in the Indian jungle with a complex and unique social hierarchy.

Our lodge is in the vicinity of small villages bordering the Bandipur National Park. Nevertheless the wild animals of the park are close enough to be even heard. Be it the sloth bear with its cubs at night or elephants and wild boar, the roar of the tiger or the growl of a leopard, none are ever too far away.

Our Happy Guests

From INR 21,000 onwards per couple
To book call or Whatsapp 94444 68376