Guest Activities

Come, fall in love with a eco-friendly and luxurious safari homestay


Organic Farm Visit- Less than a kilometer away from Dhole’s Den is our organic farm from where we source most of the fruits and vegetables for our kitchen. We invite you to be a farmer for a day and experience the rustic way of life. From savoring the fresh greenery and aromatic soil to planting saplings, tending to the vegetable patch, plucking fruits or watering plants. You can also make yourself a healthy salad from the garden-fresh vegetables in the finest traditions of the ‘Pluck, Cook and Eat’ concept. And that’s not all, you can also get up close and personal with our resident bovine family consisting of rescued cows, bullocks and even an endearing calf.


Tea Drive- Tea-time at Dhole’s Den is never a mundane affair. It means getting into an open 4×4 jeep, wading through quaint village roads and narrow jungle paths to reach a picturesque location. And then having a delectable spread of piping hot tea, snacks and sandwiches, while basking in a glorious sunset. Along the way, you could also spot a few birds and animals in their natural habitat, aided by our trained naturalist.


Native Games- Remember the time when life was still analogue? No television or digital screens to turn you into a couch potato. Now you can get back to some good old-fashioned ways to entertain yourself. Like playing a round of marbles, flying a kite, spinning a top or even indulging in a spot of fishing at our rain-fed pond or testing your skills at archery. For those who want to play it safe, we also have indoor games like carrom, chess, playing cards, dart-board and other board games, as well as badminton, table tennis and volleyball.


Property Walk – Taking a simple stroll across our property will take you back in time. Discover the enchanting history of its origins, the enticing mystery of the ancient Sati Sthal and its artefacts steeped in tradition, and the wonder well out of which spouted the eco-friendly philosophy that now nurtures the place.Your leisurely walk will also bring you close to facets such as the picturesque natural beauty, the calming tranquillity, the variety of plant life, the sight and sound of myriad bird species, a serene water body with diverse aquatic life and of course, the various measures that ensure Dhole’s Den remains an eco-friendly oasis in the forests of Bandipur.

Campfire – Evenings at Dhole’s Den have a distinctly warm glow. You will be treated to a crackling campfire under a starlit sky, nestled charmingly between a pond and an orchard. Complementing the magical evening will be sizzling hot barbeque or grilled dishes and stimulating conversations, washed down with a drink of your choice.


Nature Walk and Bird Safari- Your morning will begin early. At the crack of dawn, to be precise. That’s when the early bird is out and about and it’s just the time to take a nice invigorating walk on the foothills outside our property. Our in-house naturalist will accompany you to help you spot a bewildering variety of birds, insects and plants. And of course, the occasional pug marks of a feline that has cat-walked in the dark of the night.


Tribal Village Interaction- At Dhole’s Den, we believe that conservation is incomplete without including the community into the eco-system. The tribals in the area have had a distinct lifestyle for centuries. Now well integrated with society and supported by various Government initiatives, they nevertheless represent an interesting facet of forest life. You can now visit a tribal family at their home, not far from our homestay, interact with them, be treated to their hospitality and come back a lot richer as a human being. Dhole’s Den also supports many initiatives targeted at them such as primary education, healthcare and hygiene, so you can witness the change first hand.