Conservation in a minor

Conservation in full swing. Our local school birdwatching group on one of their trips did not just bird watching and spotted a Changeable Hawk Eagle but on their way back as you see collected the plastic strewn around. This was on Teacher’s Day. The visit has become a daily affair and is giving the school students an opportunity to appreciate what they see. Led by a local enthusiastic youth called Srikanta they appreciated the work of two workers who were maintaing the park”s solar fence.

They had just gone for bird-watching and without us really telling them what to do, they remembered that the garbage needs to be picked up and deposited at the forest office. Thats how the birth of The Dhole”s Den Research Foundation was celebrated at that very spot in April this year. That’s the bag you see in their hands – Our Garbage of Civilization. And yes the amount has greatly reduced since the department has put a gate to control vehicular movement. Something we here are happy about.

Works done for the month of Sep 2012

 1. Fill Pre Metric Scholarship Applications online for over a 100 students. Use of computers and internet facility provided together with staff from Dhole’s Den.

2. Bird Watching session introduced with the joint help of WCF (Mr. Rajkumar D) & Vanam Foundation (Mr. Srikantha & Ms. Banu) – 19/08/12.

3. Bird Watching trip to Kaniyanapura Waterhole area with team leaders (group A-F) 20/08/2012 (6:30 am)