Fit with Snehil…

Dear Friends of Dhole’s Den,

Every now and then I stop to think about the guests at Dhole’s Den. Meeting a fairly large number of people and playing host to them has in the decade and mor of our exitance as a homestay given us that opportunity and we are grateful for that.

The famous two-month lockdown that all of us in India experienced catapulted us into a space we did not really know before. We started imagining a new tomorrow, a time after Corona, an era of the new normal. A time that would be eco-conscious, caring, and responsible for many things around us.

Some of us took it up on themselves to get fitter and utilise the time sensibly. Many of us dreamed of places we would go to and experience again what we so missed now thanks to the LOCKDOWN.

This brings me to the subject of this piece today. I stumbled upon a post on Instagram by one fitwithsnehil and it showed a lady on a swing with a desire to be back at Dhole’s Den in Bandipur. You bet I did get in touch and mentioned we will have offers sent to her.

We get to meet people from all walks of life, professionals, artists, businesspeople just to name a few. And just as Dhole’s Den has a story behind it and my own life having its own share of surprises and pitfalls it is but natural for me to look a bit closer at the people who stay with us and who we welcome as friends many a times. Their stories are not just unique but are full of emotion, desires, zeal, and achievement which would make many a person look up and feel inspired.

Snehil Akanksha did visit us and spend 3 wonderful days with us this month and was glad to share her story with us.

Starting off as a software Engineer and working in that field for 3 years and more she quit her job in the corporate world realising she was putting her physical well being at risk. Battling a depression that lasted a couple of years she decided to concentrate on work outs to help her regain physical and mental health and then taking up fitness as a new profession to change and transform the lives of people and founded Zealofy a brand in the field of curtain sports and fitness experiences. She has already transformed around 30 people and more in the last 8 months alone.

Dhole’s Den recognises the energy behind this wonderful journey of hers and is offering fitness experiences during your stay at Dhole’s Den. Here are just two of the various on offer and these can be booked online and enjoyed while you stay at Bandipur:

Zumba – Immerse in a 45 minutes dance -workout at the base of the Nilgiris mountains and feel the clouds passing through you as you dance, accompanied by hounds of Bandipur.

HIIT – People often complain that they end up over-eating our farm-fresh food but guess what we got you covered with an 45 minutes High Intensity Bodyweight Workout leaving you all sweaty! So now you can cherish your meal, the stay, and workout during your stay at Bandipur.

Of course, you have the possibility to book private sessions by contacting her directly under:

More the merrier! It is also possible to book your stay at Dhole’s Den together with fitness sessions for your very own family, or group of friends and take your own steps towards TRANSFOPRMATION.

We are happy to share this story with you and hope you enjoyed reading it too. We leave you with some images of her stay during which she made cheese with me and enjoyed the farm fresh vegetables.

You may gladly get more info on her style of work out and connect with her via Instagram under fitwithsnehil

Wild Regards

Karthik Davey