From a young guest

From a young guest

A young spirited guest Iraaj Mohan who stayed with us last month had the following to write back about us. I am quoting him and putting some images of him walking with our hound Jabu.

 “The stay of my family and I in Dhole’s Den was remarkable. I feel this resort in Bandipur had everything it needed to make people who stayed there happy. My family and I reached that place on a Tuesday afternoon.

When I reached Dhole’s Den I saw that the land the resort occupied was huge. There were five rooms to stay in over there. The reception had fun games that my brother and I enjoyed playing like carom and table tennis.

There was always something entertaining to do. I spent most of the time there with the dogs of the owner. Their names were Zulu, Simba and Jabu. All of them were loyal dogs and liked me very much. I enjoyed the morning walks with the dogs there and the bonfire we had one night. The owner of that property lived there. He also was very friendly and it was always fun talking to him. The service of the people who worked there was excellent. I could see that they carried out their tasks with zeal and ardor. One of the most amazing parts of my stay there were the two safaris at Bandipur National Park that I had gone for. We were hoping to spot a tiger. During the first safari we had spotted only the common animals of the jungle like bison, a few beautiful birds, eagles and one tamed elephant. The second safari was much more exciting. We spotted a leopard from far. It was raining at that time so we were able to spot it sitting on a tree.

The nature walk that my family and I had gone for was exciting. I had spotted two owls and a few deer during the walk. The person who took us there worked in the resort. The chef served us delicious food during our stay there.  After my stay in Dhole’s Den was over I felt really sad leaving it. I recommend others to stay here.”

We always welcome young minds with responsible parents, inquisitive, some people who dont require the idiot box and are happy to welcolme them at our den.

Best Wishes

Karthik Davey