Get your “Me Time” 🙂

Finally, here it is, a small episode of my experience on a work trip to Dhole’s Den and Ekant.

Although I work there and have been there before, I wanted to share this, because I felt I experienced it as a guest this time, only that I was accompanied by 12 more ladies (who were the actual guests). The time has arrived to describe what it feels to be in a place in nature’s lap. Being not so fond of outdoors, I was apprehensive of Dhole’s Den. The moment anyone enters the space, an aura of conviviality throws up, not to forget the picturesque tone all around.

If you are fond of canines, this place is for you. Five hounds/Chippiparais aka Mr. Karthik’s babies, fill up the mental space of a human that fellow humans can possibly not easily imagine filling. Zulu (my favourite), Jameela, Thabisa, Jabu and Simba are their names and they are all true sweethearts. Not to forget the incident of my first glimpse of them being so intimidating. I got used to the ambience now, or Zulu will make sure I do so. I still am frightful of Simba (as the name suggests he is king-wise), because his roar is ample enough shake the legs one stands on. I repeat roar, because Simba doesn’t bark, he shows traits of the big cat.

Zulu became my favourite and there is every reason for it. She grows and germinates into your mind that way, it’s her style to make people love her naturally. And in this trip, I have to say she has become my dearest. Let me tell you, what could be the best feeling a human can ever have in this world, it’s to have gained the trust of a dog. And when you have gained the compassionate side of a hound, you win in all ways. To have won the faith of Zulu is something I would add to my achievements list. The moment she chose me to get the food fed from, rather than new guests in the house, I felt like a conqueror. It’s a memory I would cherish for a lifetime. When I sit down for dinner or lunch with Mr. Karthik, she would be there. Although I am still not sure whether she comes around because Mr. Karthik sits with me. Jameela and Tabisa are the youngest ones who are chirpy and cheerful. I haven’t quite met Jabu, but I know he is a loved one as well.

The vistas being so beautiful and not to stop boasting about the wonderful staff of Dhole’s Den, who constantly make sure the smile is up on every guests’ face, I couldn’t stop falling in love with Dhole’s Den. The group of 12 ladies, who were the actual guests and me being their host, were very inspirational. They galvanized me into being someone who enjoys the present. And let me tell you, friends’ group out there, you will think about planning serious trips after seeing their benchmark of setting friendship goals. These ladies were an infectious group and they are all that you aspire to be in your old age, because old age doesn’t seem rough, it seems so radiant to them.

And then, one fine evening, Mr. Karthik and I sauntered towards ‘Ekant’. As the name suggests, it’s a very secluded expanse built to indulge anyone into a stress-free work mentality. Mr. Karthik uses it as his work station where he can enjoy the panorama of quaint mountains and an overlooking private pool yet work with technology and get tasks done. This is something I aspire to do as well. Because with this toiled day-to-day job life and pure exertion, it’s difficult to enjoy what mother nature has given us. We go through the grind of life, without encountering real happiness.

Whenever I depart from Dhole’s Den, all I think of is the pollution in the cities and how I must drive my vehicle in that traffic. So, people out there who live in the cities with so much pollution and traffic, remember that it’s not too late to book yourself a holiday, get yourself pampered in the lap of nature, get some ‘Me Time’. Go for it, explore the various boons nature has to offer us. Because, as the 12 ladies educated me, life is what is, in the present.