Our Zulu turned 4 and we celebrated with a cake she and the other 3 enjoyed. Heresome impressions of the cake cutting.. and some lines I dedicated to her. I wish she could read but what I put on paper is written in my eyes and she requires no help to read that.

Wild Regards



To Zulu on her 4th

It was a day like another when you were 4 months and we on a walk around Dhole’s Den when approached by a herd of buffalo you moved forward and gave a loud bark that a pup can possibly give. Till today it is you who signals intruders be it chicken, other dogs, hare or even monitor lizards and protect our home by your distinctive sign and unrelenting bark.

You are the real Alpha at Dhole’s Den as even Shaka and your kids follow when you start.

You Zulu my daughter with 4 legs and the spirit of the winds that blow our landscape I wish you a very happy Birthday and thank you once again for making me human and opening doors in my heart which may have never been opened were it not for the birth of your kids the incomparable Jabu at and Simba whos very leap can send shivers to anyone but whose eyes emanate love supreme.  Thanks again as you are always around me as it was this year as I lay on bed in pain and malady and you didn’t move from my side and placed your beautiful neck on my leg for the whole day.

In short Baby Zulu you are magical and you have magical powers. How I wish you know I miss that today as we as a pack aren’t together on your birthday but in your howl today in Bandipur and mine in Frankfurt we shall meet as we do every time when you greet me at Dhole’s Den.