Independence Day

Friends of Dhole’s Den,

As every year Independence Day was celebrated at Dhole’s Den with the national flag been hoisted by my dear friend Mr Rajkumar, WCF, Mysore. I missed the celebrations and the march by the students through Mangala Village.

The Dhole’s Den Research Foundation in its effort to reach out in an innovative way to the students of the Mangala School worked together on the cultural programme of the day with not less then 12 – 14 songs to which the students lend their voice and danced to the rhythm. Dhole’s Den on the other hand had spared its staff especially Mr. Nirupam who is a classical dancer and has worked at the Dishari Foundation in Bhubaneshwar before joining us in our service team. He together with the students, boys and girls alike had practised many hours to get it right for the celebration of freedom in its true and differnt sense.

Yes we have a classical dancer in our pack!  The rolling of the eyes the graceful swings of the arms express in the below pictures what my words fail to do.

Enjoy the pictures and yes we are giving you another reason to stay at Dhole’s Den. Your balcony is big enough for a private lesson in dance… A safar(i) of a different kind. Dont you think?

Jai Hind! & Wild Regards,