Painting The Camp

The Bandipur Tiger Reserve has more than 30 Anti-Poaching Camps and there is a new one in the Kundkere Range which offers much needed rest and accommodation for the foot soldiers in their fight against poaching and other illegal activities that must be checked and stopped even before they happen.

Dhole’s Den has always taken its responsibility as a stake holder and a green accommodation provider in Bandipur very seriously. We have in the past not only offered monetary support, our vehicles have been ferrying the forest staff to various parts of the park to prepare the area for the fire season thus making sure fire doesn’t destroy large swathes of the park as was the case in the past.

This time we were approached with a request to paint the camp. Now its easy for us to pay for this, but we decided not just to pay for it but do the job ourselves. So, armed with a professional painter the Dhole’s Den Staff set out to do the work. The idea is to put the thought of ownership of the forest among the staff. I personally wish each one of our staff and guests realize there is collective responsibility that all big and small need to shoulder. Here are some pictures for you our patrons.

The job is now fulfilled, and my mind is thinking what goes next to make these camps nerve centres from where the fight to save this fragile landscape can successfully be won.

For those who missed reading the earlier post… ‘Vacation for Conservation’

We are continuing the Vacation for Conservation offer. For every stay that you book with us we are giving away 1500 Rs. to the Forest Department to fund the clothing for these very foot soldiers. Now come one I don’t want your likes and shares.  I wait for your mail at with a booking. We appreciate your concern to walk that bit with us.

Wild Regards

Karthik Davey and Dhole’s Den Green Team