Through the eyes of a child…

Through the eyes of a child…

Following is what 9 year old Mrudula had to say about us and her stay at Dhole’s Den:

Dhole’s Den; 9th & 10th August, 2013

I vacationed at Dhole’s Den over the Ramzan weekend. At dhole’s den, we were received warmly by Karthik uncle all the folks working there. He showed us our cabin which was beautiful and calm. We rested a while & went for lunch in the dining area. Lunch was very healthy & sumptuous. Soon, it was time for us to go to the wildlife safari. We saw many birds, deers, sambars  and buffaloes, a few peacocks, & vultures but we did not see any tigers or leopards in the safari. After we returned from the safari we sat in the main cabin for some hot drinks. Then, we went over to the campfire. We were around the fire for 1 hour where we met a family from the UK and two other families from Bangalore. After dinner we went to our cabin for some sleep. The next day, I woke up early and saw the beautiful view of the Nilgiris mountain ranges from our cabin bed. We later had our bath in the open shower. After breakfast, my mother and I went to rest on the hammock. In the late morning, I requested Karthik uncle to show me his 4 dogs. He said ‘’Sure. But be careful of Shakha. He is VERY ferocious’’. So, he took me to their cages and unlocked all of them except Shakha. Karthik uncle told me to put out my hands and let all 3 of the dogs sniff my hands. Then, uncle told me to feed the dogs!!! I was so excited! The dog keeper told me to hold the food in my hand and relax. I did what he said and Simba and Jabu came running to me and gobbled up the biscuits! I played with the dogs for about 1 hour and then I went to the cabin to rest.

Later that evening we went for a bird watch with. Sukanth uncle. He was an excellent guide who knew so much about birds, their habitats and more. I saw many different & rare types of birds. Later that night in the main cabin all the guests saw a movie called Wild Dog Diaries on a big screen.

The next morning, I woke up, brushed my teeth and went to play with the dogs. Jabu remembered me and we played for a while. Alas it was time to leave for Bangalore. I said a sad farewell to everybody (including the dogs) and jumped into the car. Everyone bid farewell to us as we started the engine. I would truly miss everyone in Dhole’s den!!!!!

By: Mrudula R.

Thanks Mrudula, it made us very happy to read your comments… We too have some memories of your visit… See you soon.