When the forest is left at peace..

A herd of Elephants cross in front the vehicle.-24th September 2012

A pack of sleepy Wildogs were found in the nearby Waterhole ‘Outside the National Park’. 25th September 2012.

 When the forest is left in peace and we humans arent disturbing it untowardly the forest comes up alive in all its facets and surprises us.  Bandipur sans Safaris is still a happening place though many of the so called safari afficionados who seem to have backs of steel have been very conspicious with their absence from the scene and forests who they always said they loved.

What a pity that such wonderful and nature’s glory cant be experienced at our humble place like Dhole’s Den.

Its been very dry and we are battling the odds with the minimum rain that our area has got.  In that way it gives us time to think what is to be done in reality and the next visitors to Dhole’s Den will see and experience the change soon.

Now back to our pictures and story above. Those who thought Dhole’s were not nocturnal was taught a different lesson and we are glad to have them as a part of our name.  That we have unobtrusive lights and less sound made many a animal stay around and gift us these moments which we will always treasure…

And yes we are here to share this with you too. We havent strayed away from any road or done anything that isnt allowed. These were monents that happen by just being there…

Wild Regards