Zishta or the Will to dream different…

Dear Friends,

Its been quite some time and you must be happy to see the blog in new colours and design.  Change being the only constant in our lives, we decided to give it a new look the website and the blog. And yes we are still working on it…:)

Now getting back to the reason for this post. Dhole’s Den has been always about the ‘individual’ We take great pride in saying that the wish and the dream of every individual, man and animal alike is supreme and unique in its own way and worthy of praise, support and even emulation.  Our mascot the ‘Dhole’ is a creature that embodies the individual caring and providing for its pack. There is a sense of no nonsense and a great measure of responsibility that I have always seen in the Alpha’s eyes (male and female both!!)

In the seven years that I have run Dhole’s Den together with my family and staff I have had the pleasure to meet individuals from different parts of the world. The chance metings with a few have over the years blossomed into friendships that I make it a point to be around when these individuals who I for myself have named the ‘Alphapack’ visit our den.

One such personality is Archish Mathe. I had the pleasure to meet him and his charming and intelligent wife Archana in 2010. Archish was from the corporate world and we did meet many times between 2010 and 2015 until one day I caught a message that said: Boarding the bus with the cycle to Manali and hope to reach Ladakh..

Now that was something even hard to dream. I have made that journey in the comforts of a car and even made sure I took an oxygen cylinder just in case (I don’t leave anything to chance…) But here was a young man who was on his way to travese and pedal his way up the three highest roads that are there in the inhabited universe known to man.

There was silence and a sort of lull after his return and I didnt quite think much about it.  But I did follow him on the various channels and got in touch with him upon learning that he had a startup… A flight straight from the saddle into the clouds of entrepreneurship. A feat, I personally think rivals the one accomplished on the bicycle.  Zishta was born. Now what is that?

Zishta is derived from the Sanskrit word “Sishta” (ziSTa) which means tradition, knowledge for betterment of society. True to its name, Zishta is exploring the traditional knowledge that resides with different communities to build a sustainable future.

Zishta wants to us to connect with our roots and revive certain traditions that base its existence on environmental protection and sustenance,  adapting some of these traditional products and knowledge, make it relevant and help us  in our own journey towards sustainability.

You can read how it all started and how the seed that was undoubtedly there, germinated…into what is Zishta


The above will give you in short the story behind the scenes and what made Archish start Zishta.

Excited to know more?

Here is another link to what Zishta offers as of now: https://zishta.wordpress.com/2016/09/07/zishta-targeting-the-kitchen/ 

Dhole’s Den will be offering these products online on the webstore. These products of daily use are made with so much love and conviction that they become an inseparable part of the individual who spends his time meticulously producing each one of them, making sure they dont become articles of mass production and lose their connect with the craftsmen who nurture their skill and eventually passe on that very individuality in another form to its user.

Call us, get an update or get in touch with the man himself  https://zishta.wordpress.com/

Stay inspired…

Best Wishes

Karthik Davey