A private Celebration…

Mr. & Mrs. Ravi R. visited us top celebrate an important date: Their Anniversary. Though they didnt make it to the Bandipur gate in time and were forced to spend the first evening in Mysore but once they reached Dhole’s Den, we tried our best to make them comfortable.  They had a private LED light dinner and being dog lovers enjoyed the company of our hounds., especially Zulu, who as you see actually followed them to their breakfast, which they enjoyed watching the panorama of the Nilgiris from our dining. Being a weekday it so happened that on one evening they were the only guests and we could give them an experience of ‘Dhole’s Den Private’.

We having built these extra rooms and bungalows, thinking it may get too lonely felt this time that Dhole’s Den had finally been visited by people whom you actually wanted to meet… A very pleasing fine couple.  We wish them many more anniversaries and yes look forward to welcome them soon at our home.

Wild Regards

Karthik Davey

PS: Yes they did do a safari and did see a tiger, so much for the record. There is more to Bandipur than a safari ride and much more on offer when you book Dhole’s Den Private. Ask us… we will gladly share.