Our Reservoir is full

Friends of Dhole’s Den,

thanks to the comparatively better monsoon and the benevolent rain gods our fresh water reservoir at Dhole’s Den has filled and actually overflowed. All the water coming from the nearby hillocks have been channelled carefuly through the 3 valleys that mark our property and whose construction by itself has facilitated such a kind of rain water harvesting.

This summer when all the ponds, tanks andlakes in Bandipur cracked at the peak of the summer ours still had some water. So we hope this year will be a much more rewarding one as we have deepened the reservoir in right time and welcomed every drop that has come to us.

Here are some poctures taken by mobile and even a picture of 6 am this morning… This shows not just the reservoir but the scene what our guests woke up to this morning. We at Dhole’s Den who reside here and call it home are fortunate to wake up to this every morning.

Best Wishes

Karthik Davey