Inspiring visitors at Dhole’s Den

Inspiring visitors at Dhole’s Den

Dear Friends,

we had an inspiring visitor to Dhole’s Den Bandipur.  The lady 76 years old was travelling with three nurses. She had booked a 10 -11 day Kerala Karnataka Tour with our travel company in Germany. This was her third tour with us and we were all excited as though we had tried to meet her in the past this was to be the visit where we would see her in person.

Mrs. Janitschke is an animal lover is sadly suffering frtom paraplegia and doesnt have the two legs an arm and is helped through the daily chores by three wonderful nurses. Even the food has to be administered to her. But that and a lot more doesnt stop her from dreaming of travel and though in private she had confided to me that it would be her last long tour I was glad to see her and spend time with her in person and with my band of hounds which kept her company as you see in the images below. The spirit with which she lives is a source of inspiration and teaches one how not to bow to limitations and dare to dream.

My thanks to my staff at Dhole’s Den who worked in unison understanding how important this guest was to us and how emotionally important her visit and stay was to me as another physically challenged person or ‘singularly abled’ as I prefer to call myself.

Thanks Team for a wonderful job done.

Animals especially dogs know how to shower their affection as you see below. Shaka and Zulu stood as devoted to her next to me. Ofcourse Zulu was attracted by all the goodies that she was aiming at. The first picture is Simba my boy so easily greeted her upon arrival and Jabu who even jumped into her car at departure….We at Dhole’s Den are truly blessed by the hounds and such visits and visitors who really inspire us.

Wild Regards,

Karthik Davey