Machan & Hut at Dhole’s Den

Dear Friends of Dhole’s Den,

The year 2014 is nearing its end and it is time to share with you the new developments at the ‚Den’

Many of you are avid bird watchers and have wished a hide or a suitable spot to follow your passion. Well now we have something that will excite not just the bird watchers but the young and the not so old alike….

We have a  Machaan. Made out of Bamboo that is about 30 years old is the best example of recycling.  A small team of two from the tribal hamlet worked meticulously on this so that the least number of nails are pierced into the tree.

Accompanying the machaan is a small open hut for those lovely golden evenings which invite you to soak yourself in that  golden moment with the blue Nilgiris in the distance.

Together with some lanterns it offers a romantic setting for that private dinner with your loved ones or a sundowner in the open or enjoy your ‚Me Time’ to the fullest.

The machaan and Hut are both waiting for you at the Den and all the guests are welcome to use the same during their stay.

With Dhole’s Den offering accommodation for a maximum of 15 persons at time privacy is just something one doesn’t have to ask for…


Wild Regards

The Team at Dhole’s Den