The children of the Mangala Government School spent some wonderful and we are sure enriching moments and learnt much more than thaey already knew. Thanks Shrikanta who is a teacher funded by the Vanam Foundation and works at the School and is the man behind the Mangalka Birding Club who worked together with Ingrid and the Kids.

The work involved a walk on the Dhole’s Den Campus, studying the indigenous and the planted trees, marking them and finding their names. Later old oil tins were cut and painted and the names were written in 3 languages: Kannada, Latin Name and in English and placing them on to the trees.

 The Kids of the School not only learnt the names but could peek into the daily life at the homestay, interact with the guests  in residence, our Champion Jabu the Chippiparai Hound  and last but not least enjoy a breakfast with the view of the Nilgiris…:)

Wild Regards

Dhole’s Den Team