Dhole’s Den @ 5

Dhole’s Den @ 5

Greetings from Dhole’s Den Bandipur!

We are glad to share that Dhole’s Den turns five this year. It was sometime in April-May 2009 that the last but key portions of our operations were put in place and we went live.

It’s been a wonderful journey for us finding our place among various places to stay in Bandipur. We are still the smallest and intend to remain private and reaffirm our vow to remain eco-friendly and allow no compromises on that.

Dhole’s Den gave me the place to breathe and find my own ground and balance in this mad rat race which we all of us find us in. It is the place we call home. Dhole’s Den is the place where I discovered the love for animals and dogs in particular can be so big. It’s the place where Shaka and Zulu grew up and Zulu gave birth to Jabu and Simba making us proud today at every dog show.

It’s this place to you friends, who have extended their support in the past, we extend a special welcome.  Though you had many places on offer in Bandipur, you choose us and some of you have become friends of ours in the times you have graced our humble home. Oh yes many have actually asked me why we don’t offer a pool, no TV and no A/c and still charge what we do.

But the one of the latest comments on Tripadvisor summed it all up:


Initially i considered it expensive, but now i would say they are pretty large hearted for what they offer at that price. To sit in the balcony and listen to the night…unbelievable!!

We intend to celebrate the 5 years of Dhole’s Den in a very special way. Many of you would have got a mail saying that the second night of your stay is on us. Welcome back!

Our heartfelt thanks again to the ones who have earned it, and a warm welcome to the ones who are yet to buy our point…:) Welcome to Dhole’s Den!

Wild Regards,

Karthik Davey